ELMS Cashier Tips

(To Help Improve Your ELMS Score)


¨      Scan with a sense of urgency and with both hands

¨      Always check and unload the bottom of the bascart first

¨      Ask for the Kroger Plus Card and coupons before starting the order

¨      Maintain a fluid motion when scanning

¨      Listen for the terminal “beep” and do not watch the display

¨      Do not spend time looking for barcodes, learn where barcodes are typically located: on the bottom of most boxes and on the sides of bottles/cans

¨      After two failed attempts to scan, key enter the UPC

¨      Learn high usage PLU codes

¨      In anticipation of an override, do not wait until the end of an order to call for assistance

¨      Scan all coupons with a barcode

¨      Use order divider bars. Keep orders separate to avoid confusion

¨      Have pens, BOB stickers as well as other supplies readily available to avoid delays

¨      Close cash register drawer as soon as possible, once the cash drawer is closed the ELMS clock is stopped

¨      For our under age cashiers, if you have beer in an order, page for assistance shortly before the end of the order to give your Floor Supervisor time to assist you in scanning the beer to avoid unnecessary delays

¨      Do not bag while scanning the order

¨      Bag the customer’s order only after the transaction is complete 

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